March 17, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The Walnut Dash

The Walnut Dash would seem to have broken up, which is a shame since they produced some really terrific sixties influenced power pop with catchy hooks and melodies and some very good writing. The songs eight on their Titbits album are short and punchy, ranging from jangle driving power pop to retro garage power pop, but as you will hear right away, it's pure power pop beginning to end. The song here, Your Mum, is one of their earliest singles (seems most of the tracks collected here were released as singles in the first part of the century.) It's a raunchy little number, and has a great Who and Stones sixties like feel to it. Like most any good band, the songs are reminiscent of other groups with reminders of the Stones, Squeeze, Supergrass and The Three O'Clock, all of which should tell you right away that the Walnut Dash were the real deal.

The Walnut Dash -- Your Mum