March 5, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The Moment

The first phase of the mod revival died out in 1981/82 as the music media turned the public's attention away from mod and ska, and towards the rising tide of new romantic bands in the UK. While the mod scene moved along into a more soulful direction, there were still a few revival type bands to come -- and they would usher in another, smaller, mod revival in the mid-80s. Along with Squire (a holdover from the first phase), and the Prisoners, The Moment led the pack musically. They were the full package. A power pop core, infused with rhythm and soul, and a sixties sensibility that fueled their sound and their style.

At the turn of the century the band managed to turn out a best of disk compiling most all of their recordings. It's a must have for any mod's catalog. Front man Adrian Holder has gone on to produce some noteworthy solo material, and bandmate Steve Rinaldi has two fantastic albums on Tangerine Records as Rinaldi Sings.

This is the band's second single, "One, Two They Fly", released in 1985 (the same year they appeared on Eddie Piller's legendary Countdown Compilation.) The song fuses hard driving power pop with soulful horns, to turn out what I think is the band's best arrangement.

The Moment -- One, Two They Fly