March 13, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The Direct Hits

After the mod revival died, another mod scene rose up from it's ashes that featured some of those same players and some new faces. The Direct Hits had previously tread the earth as The Exits, but reemerged in 1982 in this new guise. The band was less in the punky power pop style they'd previously favored, and more in line with the heavily 60s influenced beat sound that was being pushed forward by The Prisoners, Makin' Time, Fast Eddie and other of the 80s UK mod bands. The Direct Hits favored a more psychadelic sound, and a more melodic sound, than some of the other mod groups of the day. And mods favored them, making them favorites in the scene during the middle part of the decade. This track, "What Killed Aleister Crowley" seems soft at first, but when you listen to it there is a subtle strength that seeps through. It's got a bit of sixties folk, a hint of psychadelia, and solid base of power pop, tha goes well with a sort of macabre subject like Aleister Crowley.

The Direct Hits-- What Killed Aleister Crowley