September 26, 2011

Modcast #214: Music To Walk The Dog By

Regular suavesters know that I've got the world's best dog, a yellow lab/red hound mix we call Kali Shiva, after the goddess of destruction. I walk her everyday for 30 minutes or more listening to my iPod. I'm a slave to shuffle. I just flip it on and whatever comes up is what comes up. Music to walk the dog by.

All of this week's songs came up during the past week's walks with the dog. I've taken some liberties in reordering them, but they're honest to dog, dog walking songs. I guarantee you won't need your pooper scooper. No shit in this show.

Listen Now

Iggy Pop -- King of the Dogs
The Vapors -- Waiting for the Weekend
The Agents -- Modern Girl
The Heartbeat -- Why Don't You Dance With Me
The Martial Arts -- Frost
The Lodger -- Falling Down
The Decibels -- Test of Time
The Moving Sounds -- Turning My Heartbeat Up
Neil & Iraiza -- Age 8 & Up
DC Fontana -- You Strip Me Bare
The Knockouts -- She Gets Around
Locksley -- You Were Right About The High
Ripchord -- Heartbreaker
The Shakes -- Sicker
The Brooks -- Once In A While
Julie London -- Mighty Quinn
Michael Quercio -- You and I are the Sunmmertime

Ripchord - Backstabber

Locksley - Why Not Me (Why Can't I Be You)