September 19, 2011

Modcast #213: For The Win

Welcome to another modcast jam packed with mod friendly songs, every one a winner. Checking in early in the show are two groups whose line-ups measure up alongside the finest bands.

First, Dot Dash from Washington DC, a new power pop combo that is made up of a bunch of old farts, you know guys my age, from some great bands of the past like Modest Proposal, Julie Ocean, Saturday People and Youth Brigade. Dot Dash is sporting e a cool new album, Spark Flame Ember Ashj, just out from canadian record label The Beautiful Music. It's a great bit of power pop, sort of minimalist and post-punkish in its approach, and overall a good listen. Joining them in the first half is The Kik, a new band out of Rotterdam full of old friends. The Kik includes Dave von Raven, the lead singer and guitartist from The Madd, as well as the Arjen Spies lead singer and guitartist from another great beat band, Mark & The Spies. So you know that The Kik are going to be one kick-ass band.

But wait. Listen now and you'll hear even more like The End, The Funseekers, Nervus Rex, Ko & The Knockouts, The Smithereens, The Mods, Popular Spies, The Yardbirds and more. All shots on goal. All scoring. Like I said, this modcat is For The Win.

Listen Now

Dot Dash -- Learn How To Fly
The Kik -- Here's Hoping
Mark & The Spies -- Something's Gotta Happen
The Madd -- Her Big Man
The Chob -- We're Pretty Quick
Dave & The Diamonds -- Such Is Life
Popular Spies -- Chinatown
The Shades -- Shake It
The Mods -- Sweets For My Sweet
The Maggots -- Nothing But A Heartache
The Rare Breed -- Come And Take A Ride In My Boat
The Smithereens -- I'm Free
Smoove -- I'm A Man
Gaijin A Go-Go -- 1-2-3
The End -- Shades Of Orange
Ko & The Knockouts -- Cry No More
Nervus Rex -- Go-Go Girl
The Funseekers -- I'm With You
The Yardbirds --Baby What's Wrong

The Madd - Good Evening Girl

The Funseekers - Night Train (From "A Northwoods Holiday")