July 25, 2010

Modcast Special: DC Fontana - The Perserverance of Soul

DC Fontana is a long running band, nearly two decades long. And yet it is just now that they are finally releasing their debut album. Why is that? Well, that's a long story (much of which is written up on their website at www.dcfontana.com) and for my purposes with this modcast not exactly the story I wanted to tell. No, the story here is about a great soul band coming into their own at long last.

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With the soul tsunami of the past few years it seems that soul bands are about a dime a dozen. DC Fonatna is a soul band that is much more than that. Thier sound goes beyond the bounds of soul, incorporating all the elements that make for good music. And along the way you get something that evokes a retro feel, but is fresh and unique as well. It's music that will make you want to dance, but is also easy on the ears when you just need something to listen to when you relax.

Mostly, I wanted to make sure that people heard about the band and about the upcoming album, Six Against Eight. So, I rang up the bass player Mark Mortimer and interviewed him, and this is the story that came together. You'll get to find out why they're called DC Fontana, how they feel about being called a mod band, and alla bout their upcoming album as well as their music videos, which are more films than video.

It's a bit different from my usual modcasts, but I think you'll like it. And, I think you'll like DC Fontana's sophisticated style, as well as their funky, soulful, pop music.

Their new album drops August 6 and will be available as a deluxe CD with booklet, or as a digital download, from all the usual sources.

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