July 18, 2010

Modcast #172: Every Day Is A Rock N Roll Day

Welcome to the modcast, the rock and roll modcast. Lots and lots of rock and roll for you this week. Power pop style, punk-pop style, garage rock style, indie-pop style. Like Billy Joel said it's still rock and roll to me.

Caroline & The Treats -- Let's Do It (2010)
The Attention! -- Ace Face (2009)
The Method -- Consider This Your Warning (2010)
The Above -- Find Somebody New (2010)
The Goldstars -- Agile, Mobile & Hostile (2010)
The Cocktail Slippers -- Give It To Me (2007)
The Midways -- Looking For Someone (2007)
The Moons -- The Ragman (2010)
The Apers -- Every Day Is A Rock N Roll Day (2009)
The Riptides -- She Gets Around (2009)
The Postelles -- 123 Stop (2010)

The Moons - Let It Go

The Above - Don't Believe in the Light