July 13, 2010

Caroline & The Treats: I Wanna Rock-n-Roll, I Wanna be a Punk

Here come Caroline & The Treats fronted by the world's first, and likely only, power pop porn star ( who comes complete with her own XXX feature film which she directed, starred in and produced).

At first listen I took Norway's Caroline Andersen to be the Norseland's Debbie Harry. But, the sound is a bit punkier than Blondie's was, probably more in line with Nikki Corvette, a sort of bubble-gum power poppin' punk rock. Their cover of Cherry Vanilla's classic "The Punk" is poppier yet arguably better than the original.

And, not a few of the songs are more ... uhm, shall we say ... suggestive, than Blondie's (or most any other female act for that matter). With title's like "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme", "Let's Do It", "Gonna Get Me That Boy", and "Wine Me, Dine Me", and lyrics that often put the x in plicit, her attitude is definitely more along the lines of Wendy O. Williams singing about how she's not the kinda girl you leave alone with your father ... or your mother. Even so, I haven't seen or heard an act this sexed up since some of The Pandoras nearly-naked gigs in the mid-80s.

Once you get past the sophomoric-titilation of all that you will find an excellent, straight up, three-chord pounding, punk-n-roll act. The songs are short, sharp and fast ala The Ramones or The Muffs. The band is tight, not surprisingly, boasting Andersen's paramour Morten Henriksen of The Yum-Yum's and The Twistaroos on guitar, Glenn Glitter from The Owees on bass, and Ole Nesset from Death By Unga Bunga on the drums. If you like it hard and rough (like Caroline seems to), then you'll like Caroline & The Treats.

Caroline & The Treats -- Gimme Gimme Gimme(2010)

Caroline & The Treats -- The Punk(2010)

Caroline & The Treats - Make Out With You