October 3, 2011

From The Vaults: Modcasts #93 and #145

Modcast #93 Just Floating By
In listening, listening and relistening to this week’s Modcast, I have to say I’ve even impressed myself. This is a damn good show. It starts out strong, and it stays that way throughout. Lots of new stuff here from the Baskervilles, Looker, Radio Days, and The Fores, all of which make the show downright unstoppable. The rest of the show is only that much stronger for showing it’s staying power from the likes of The Kinks to Oasis. This is just a little snap shot of my current mod world. Don’t be so jealous, I’m sure you’re nearly as suave in your own way. Enjoy.

Listen Now

Baskervilles – Have You Seen Them
Looker – Gates of the Old City
The Red Button – Floating By
Oasis – Half the World Away
The Black Hollies – Paisley Pattern
The Fores – Golden Gate
Radio Days – Rock-n-Roll Girl
The Hangmen – Faces
The Rolling Stones – Play With Fire
The Kinks – Groovy Movies
Teenage Head – Top Down

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Looker -- Bullet Train

The Kinks -- I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight

Modcast #145: Mods Ride Again

I'm back baby. You can't get rid of me that easy. Between guest hosts, and sharing a few of the old shows from the vaults, it seems I haven't done a lot of my modcasting of late. A big shout of thanks to the recent guest hosts who've made me look like such an amateurish hack -- Dan from The New Fidelity (Modcast #140), Neal from Modest Proposal (Modcast #143) and Ken from The Shingles (Modcast #144).

But, I'm back on the beat, Pete. And have I got a show for you. Don't believe me? Just listen in.

Enzo Bontempi -- Bangarang (1968? or 2009?)
The School -- Let It Slip (2008)
New Street Adventure -- Small Town Heroes (2009)
Cool Frog -- Much Than You (2009)
Connett -- Soul Clean (2008)
The Madd -- You Can Be My Baby (2009)
The Cribs -- We Were Aborted (2009)
Nick Gilder -- Got To Get Out (1978)
The Quick -- No No Girl (1976)
Sweet -- Wig Wam Bam (1974)
Graham Day & The Gaolers -- Wanna Smoke (2008)

Italian Spiderman Trailer