October 17, 2011

A spooktacular blast from Halloweens past

Halloween is just around the corner so enjoy a couple of spooktacular classic modcasts.
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Modcast #73: It's Spooky Modoween

Happy Mod-o-Ween! Don't be scared this is just Mr. Suave's halloween episode of Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World. This week's show is extra spooky, extra creepy, and extra good. If you like sixties infused garage rock with a bit of punkish power pop thrown in then you are going to be in heaven.
  • Madness -- I chase the devil
  • Gorehounds -- Voodoo priest
  • Groovie Ghoulies -- Daughter of Frankenstein
  • Dead Kennedys -- Halloween
  • The Ghastly Ones -- Haulin' Hearse
  • The B-52s -- Devil in my car
  • Gravedigger V -- It's spooky
  • Zombina & The Skeletones -- The grave ... and beyond
  • The Undertakers -- Born in a graveyard
  • The Playn Jayn -- Dig my own grave
  • The Postmarks -- Everyday is Halloween
The Ghastly Ones -- Haulin' Hearse Madness -- I chase the devil

Modcast #107: Monsters A-Go-Go!

Halloween Modcast 2008: Monsters A-Go-Go! Be afraid, be very afraid. Ken from The Shingles is at the controls of the modcast this week and if that doesn't scare you, nothing will. Get haunted. Video clip from "Mad Monster Party"-The Mummy!