October 25, 2011

Modcast #215: Live For Today

Welcome to Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World where we've got the power pop ringing loud and clear this week.

Power pop has always been a big part of mod music, right alongside northern soul. And over the years there have been some great power pop bands that hitched their trailer to the mod scene. Since the days of The Who and The Creation, and then later in the mod revival with The Jam, Secret Affair, The Chords and so on. Brit pop of course had a lot of power pop influences and much of the guitar driven indie rock of the 21st century has its roots in power pop.

Coming up on the modcast you'll get some great power pop influenced music from The Crack, Electra, The Corsairs, Sloan, The Rifles, and The Perms. Speaking of which, nestled right there in the middle of the show is another of Mr. Suave's Reviews You Can Use this time around giving you a taste and feel for The Perms great new album, Sofia Nights.

Listen Now

Paul Collins Beat -- Hanging Around With You (2011)
Electra -- Heartbreak is for Fools (2010)
Electra -- The Israelites (2011)
The Rifles -- I Get Low (2011)
Woggles -- Sweet Tea (1997)
The Love Kittens -- Come In The Kitchen (196?)
The Primitives -- Crash (1988)
Mr Suaves Reviews You Can Use The Perms
The Perms -- Live For Today (2011)
The Corsairs -- Never Listen (1986)
The Apemen -- Somebody Help Me (1993)
The Crack -- You Keep Running (1989)
Ursula 1000 -- Stinger (2011)
James Taylor Quartet -- Light Up Your Soul (2011)
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra -- Twinkle Star (2011)
Sloan -- Shadow Of Love (2011)

Sloan - The Rest of My Life

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra -- Pride of Lions