August 21, 2012

DC Fontana return with short film "Pentagram Man"

DC Fontana are one of the most interesting bands currently on the planet, blending soul and psychadelia into a deliciously lush and fresh mix. They also have a great knack for blending visual elements with their music, making short films and videos the likes of which are just not done so often these days.

A couple years ago they produced a great series of videos in support of their last album Six Against Eight.

Now they're back to promote their upcoming album Pentagram Man and have a promo video featuring three actors (Richard Taylor as the Pentagram Man, Louise Fulwell as the mysterious lady in the fields and Mark Brindley as the castle doorkeeper) alongside DC Fontana.

According to bassist Mark Mortimer it was shot at various Midlands locations including:
The Custard Factory, Digbeth, Birmingham; Tamworth Castle; and, Orton on the Hill (in Leicestershire).

It features parts of two tunes from the forthcoming EP, Sighed DC and the title track Pentagram Man.