August 20, 2012

From The Vaults Modcast #192: Are You Ready to Be Heartbroken?

Welcome to a special charter modcast ladies and gents with The Shingles. In the hot seat this week with one hand firmly on the controls and one hand firmly on the nearest stewardess is Cap'n Ken. Co-piloting, and if truth be known probably doing all the real work, is Shingle's bassist Daren. They will be flying you through some quite friendly skies. The wayback machine shows that the smoking lamp is lit, the seat belt sign is off, so you know it's gonna be smooth sailing from here on in.

Listen Now

01. James Taylor Quartet - Blow Up (Mission Impossible, 1993)
02. Nerves - When You Find Out (The Nerves, 1976)
03. Loved Ones - You Better Do Right (Better Do Right, 1994)
04. Remains - Don't Look Back (The Remains, 1966)
05. Three O'Clock - Sorry (Baroque Hoedown, 1982)
06. Big Star - Thirteen (#1 Record, 1972)
07. Lloyd Cole - Are You Ready to Be Heartbroken? (Rattlesnakes, 1984)
08. Dick Dale - Hava Nagila (King Of The Surf Guitar, 1989)
09. Saints - Just Like Fire Would (All Fools Day, 1986)
10. Stiv Bators - Evil Boy (Disconnected, 1980)
11. The Style Council - My Ever Changing Moods (Piano Version) (Café Bleu, 1984)
12. Cousteau - Wish You Were Her (Cousteau, 1999)
13. Redskins - It Can Be Done! (Neither Washington Nor Moscow, 1986)
14. Untamed Youth - The Hearse (Untamed Melodies, 1996)

The Saints -- "Stranded"