August 7, 2012

Modcast #240: Double Shot of Suave

That's right people, you're getting a double tall mod world today. Two shows in one. Two times the suave. It's kinda like a double album, that's because the first part is Modcast #240, and the second half of today's show is actually a soul show I recorded for the very excellent Mod Soul Review podcast. A while back I was invited to guest host the Mod Soul Review show and this is what I turned in. Dean Stickley (be sure to check out his Mod Mod World guest hosting gig) who runs Mod Soul Review kindly said I could rerun the show on the Mod Mod World, and so here it is.

Listen Now

Pt. 1 -- Modcast #240
Jackie Wilson -- Nothing But Blue Skies (1968)
The Bang -- Drink In Hand (2012)
The Past Tense -- Here Comes The Rain (2012)
Buster Shuffle -- Come In (2012)
Kula Shaker -- Guitar Man (1997)
The Offspring -- Autonomy (2010)
Climax -- You! (1966)

Pt. 2 -- Mod Soul Review Podcast
Fitz & The Tantrums -- Sweet Dreams (2012)
The Three O'Clock -- When Lightning Starts (1983)
The Untouchables -- City Gent (1985)
The Corsairs -- Wait For Me (1984)
Grady Tate (Schoolhouse Rock) -- I Got Six (1973)
Larry Wald -- Superman (1971)
Paul Anka -- I can't Help Loving You (1966)
The Plimsouls -- One More Heartache (1984)

Buster Shuffle -- Me, Myself & I

The Untouchables-"Whiplash" ("Rock of the 80's")