September 2, 2010

The Ruiners Bring The Party With Happy Birthday Bitch

I've seen the new Ruiners disk described as bubblegum-garage, and all I can think is that must be some bad-ass nasty gum. When you chew on The Ruiners new release Happy Birthday Bitch you will surely get a taste explosion. You'll taste some grungy, fuzzy, glammy honky-tonk garage rock from beginning to end.

The Ruiners deliver an album that is straight forward bluesy, garage rock ala MC5, not surprising when you realize that The Ruiners are from Detroit and are channeling the Motor City quintets sharpest points. The band isn't pretentious and doesn't pretend to be mature or sophisticated. The songs are more about lust than love, more bad deeds than good, and mostly just vehicles for blistering guitar solos -- "Charlie Lane Ate My Brain" -- and rockin' out as in the title track, "Fix That Broken Halo" and "Beer Time".

If you have a penchant for eighties styled, sixties influenced, garage rock ala Gravedigger V, The Chesterfield Kings, or more glammish garage punk oriented bands like The Droogs or The Groovy Ghoulies then you'll dig The Ruiners.

The Ruiners -- Charlie Lane Ate My Brain

The Ruiners -- Sugar Buzz