September 5, 2010

From The Vaults: Modcast #39: I Dig Your Mind

Once more into the vault my friends, once more into the vault. Step back in time, to a time when the modcast was young and fresh. Take a giant step outside your current listening constraints and journey with me all the way back to those dangerous winter days of 2007. I've opened up the vaults and dusted off a classic modcast that I think you'll enjoy. Again.
Download it here.

It's the 39th installment of the world's favorite weekly mod show, and this episode packs a punch to be sure. Questions? E-mail me at

The Rage -- Looking for You
The Gwen Stacys -- Beatboys (in the sun)
The Crowd -- The Right Time
The Crooks -- Bangin' My Head
Nervous Breakdown -- I Dig Your Mind
The Pretty Things -- Midnight to Six Man
Mooney Suzuki -- My Dear Persephone
The Pinstripes -- Mad Scientist
Save Ferris -- Superspy
Captain Sensible -- The Power of Love
The Producers -- What's He Got?

The Producers -- What's He Got?

Save Ferris -- The World is New

Download this modcast.