September 28, 2010

Mondo Topless is Freaking Out!

Mondo Topless have a classic, timeless garage rock sound with simple hooks, catchy guitar riffs, and a driving power pop beat that moves the songs along at breakneck pace. Theirs isn't music for the sedentary listener. This is the stuff that extreme living is made of, the stuff that lies underneath the world of melodic punk rock.

So it is that their fifth full length release, Freaking Out, is balls out attack on other people's songs. The opening track, "Nothing Can Bring Me Down" (Twilighters) launches a staggering, non-stop atttack which doesn't let up until you get to the last, and perhaps most obscure, song "Little Clown" (Witch). From The Electric Prunes to Camper van Beethoven, Mondo Topless take these songs and amp them up with a garagified twist. Garage fans will be hooked from floor-stomping, fuzzed out "I'm Gonna Find A Cave" (The Banana Splits), to the sixties based freakbeat of "Get Me To The World On Time" (The Electric Prunes).

You definitely won't be bored by this fun garage album that blasts through a dozen tracks.

Mondo Topless -- Swalbr (Cream)

Mondo Topless - I'm Gonna Find a Cave