September 18, 2010

Modcast #177 Featuring Bart Mendoza of The Shambles & Manual Scan

Welcome to Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World. I'm taking you back to the early days of the US mod scene this week with some great music including a couple of really cool live tracks from The Bangles & The Three O'Clock.

Even cooler than that is that I got a chance to interview Bart Mendoza. He's been making and shaking the mod scene since the late 70s when he started Manual Scan, and then later as member of The Shambles. With a resume like that it's pretty clear that power pop is in his blood. In addition to his musical prowess Bart is a one-stop mod promotional guru, and a walking encyclopedia on the US mod scene.

The interview is long, but worth it for those of you interested in the history of the mod scene, and for anyone who likes Manual Scan and The Shambles. Bart talks about both bands, as well as about his work behind the scenes as was one of the folks that kept the mod scene going, producing shows, publishing fanzines, organizing rallies and events.

The Shambles website
The Shambles on Myspace
Manual Scan on Myspace
The Che Underground

The Shambles -- It's A Mod Mod World (2008)
The Bangles -- Pushin' Too Hard (live, 1983)
The Three O'Clock -- I Go Wild (live, 1983)
Interview with Bart Mendoza Pt. 1
The Shambles -- Nothing Can Be Everything (1996)
Manual Scan -- For Those (1983)
Interview with Bart Mendoza Pt. 2
The Shambles -- Leavin' Here (2008)
Manual Scan -- Jungle Beat (1985)
The Event -- She's Our Girl (1989)
The Jetz -- Just A Picture (1984)
The Question -- Stare You Down (1983)

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The Shambles -- The Color Swirl (XEWT-TV 1998)

Manual Scan -- Come See Me