March 31, 2010

Told ya so: Modfather's latest being heralded as a "masterpiece" and "thoroughly Wellerian"

Looks like the big boys are taking notice of the Modfather's latest.

Q, The UK's leading music magazine, gives a rave review to Paul Weller's forthcoming Wake Up The Nation saying:
With the exception of Bob Dylan, there isn't a single artist. living or dead, who has managed a record this audacious 30-plus years into his career.
See the review here.

Meanwhile, Mojo is putting Weller on the cover, and calling the album "splenetic" (whatever that is) and "thoroughly Wellerian". They are also promising one of his best interviews ever.
In a career-spanning cover interview in the latest MOJO a vigorous Weller tells the tale behind his current creative and commercial resurgence, the impact of The Jam split on his nearest and dearest, and the night he put the Sex Pistols' Sid Vicious in hospital.
The mag comes with a "Heavy Soul" CD, although it's unclear whether it's the Weller soloer of the same name, or perhaps a bunch of soul songs picked by the Modfather, or maybe some other bunch of stuff. To top it all off Mojo has a nice list of what they think are Weller's best video moments.

Paul Weller -- Moonshine