March 11, 2010

Gotta Love That Whole Garage Rock Thing: David Peter and the Wilde Sect

Once upon a time growing up as a young mod I cut my teeth on the 80s garage rock revival, listening to (and when lucky enough seeing live) bands like The Crawdaddys, The Tell-Tale Hearts, Crawling Walls, The Funseekers, The Gravedigger V, Thee Fourgiven, and The Things.

Recently I stumbled across a band that could have fit into the whole 1984 garage rock revival just perfectly: David Peter & The Wilde Sect. Their sound is not unlike something that Them, The Stones or The Yardbirds could have turned out circa 1965. The music is fast, raw, loud and has a killer beat. This is authentic sixties based R&B, with upfront guitars, solid bass lines and even some blistering harmonica work thrown in for good measure. This is rock and roll the way it's meant to be played.

They hail from Denmark and are making quite the splash on the Continent. I traded some e-mail wtih front man David Peter Jorgensen and will share that with you here:
A little info if you need it: The song is from the vinyl ep on Wilde Beat Records called The Tornado Sessions released in 2009.

David Peter and the Wilde Sect comes fresh out of the Copenhagen underground. Their mission, to teach the youngsters of today about music with a soul - a very desperate teenage soul that is. David Peter and the boys are tired of popcharts, and tired of the misuse of words such as r&b, beat and ravers of today. With a love for danish beat and 'pigtrĂ¥d', these four boys bring it down to a very raw and energetic act, that will make the teenies dance and shout!

David Peter and the Wilde Sect has been playing gigs in Denmark, Sweden, Italy and Switzerland since February 2008. The next upcoming gigs are at Le Beat Bespoke, Corn rocket Beat Bonanza and at Hope and Anchor all in London, England. Back To Beat in Bergen, Norway. Primitive! Rotterdam, Holland. Festival Beat, Salsomaggiore, Italy And of course in and around Copenhagen, Denmark.

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David Peter & The Wilde Sect -- Wild Girl

David Peter and the Wilde Sect -- Oh Amy