March 9, 2010

This Just In: New Fidelity's Small Screen Debut

Normally, I don't just repost other people's material, but since it isn't everyday that a bona fide mod band finds its music in a national TV Show, and since this is The New Fidelity and they deserve all the recognition they're going to get, here's the blurb from the band's own e-newsletter.
New Fidelity's Song "No Way Back" on NBC's New Primetime Show "Parenthood" Tuesday Nite!

That's tonight! The New Fidelity's just licensed our song "No Way Back" to NBC for Episode 2 of Parenthood to air tonight, Tuesday March 9th, 2010.

"If you watched NBC's coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympics, you surely saw an ad, likely many, of NBC's new drama series Parenthood starring Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls fame. The show, which is produced by the acclaimed Brian Grazer, has been a critic favorite for many months and tonight the network is finally premiering it."

Our song appears in scene 2, 1 minute 25 second sync- background vocal scene 2: "Roosevelt HS- The principal tells Amber her lack of credits puts her as a sophmore".

This is a background scene for the music, but it will be clearly audible during the scene. For extra fun, download the song for only 99 cents on our iTunes page so you know what to expect, and then you can watch it on the show. "No Way Back" is available through iTunes on our record Tiny Slivers.

For more on Parenthood, please check their web page at

The New Fidelity - 2nd Once In A Lifetime Girl