March 29, 2010

Modcast #160: Get Outta The Garage

In all the joints across the land
It's just a cryin' shame
It used to be a swingin' scene
Now everything is tame
If you're lookin' for action, baby
Well that's my middle name
I'll show you things you've never seen
Beyond your wildest dreams
Well if fun is what you're after
Scream for all that you can get
You won't find it anywhere 'cept in the Heathen Set

-- The Fuzztones

Welcome to Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World. This week I'm taking you out to the garage for some of the best sixties inspired garage music you've ever heard. Garage rock can mean many different things, but for the purposes of this show I'm referring primarily to the garage revival of the 1980s. Garage bands in the eighties channeled the sound of the nuggets, the long lost mostly obscure bits of garage punk from the sixties and early seventies. The punk rock scene of the late seventies fragmented into a number of different sounds, one of which was largely influenced by loud, raw, R&B of sixties bands like The Standells, The Chocolate Watchband, and The Count Five. They mixed the punk of the sixties with the punk of the seventies and incorporate the blues influences of the early Stones, Them and Yardbirds to create a distinct sound.

Like any scene it varied from coast to coast with New York and Southern California being the primary pivots. The bands ranged from the punkier sounds of the early Miracle Workers, to the bluesy r&b of The Tell-Tale Hearts, to the snotty snarl of The Primates, to the psychadelic organ work of The Mystery Machine. Along the way the sound ceased being a revival, and developed its own unique snarling sound, driven equally by guitars described alternately as fuzzy and crunchy, and organs that seemed to swirl and float atop the songs.

There's a plethora of great garage rock out there, both new and old. So much in fact that one modcast just can't contain it all. This week I bring you the garage sound of the 80s. This is an all American show with all of the band's being from the US. But the 80s saw garage rock bands spring up all over the world. So, next week I'm doing another garage show, that one featuring garage bands from everywhere else besides the US.

The Fuzztones -- Heathen Set (1989)
The Tell-Tale Hearts -- Losing Myself (1984)
Chesterfield Kings -- Cry Your Eyes Out (1985)
The Miracle Workers -- Flashing Red Light (1982)
Gravedigger V -- Tomorrow Is Yesterday (1984)
The Primates -- Bad Luck (1986)
The Pandoras -- Hot Generation (1984)
Yard Trauma -- I'm A Man (1988)
Crawling Walls -- Day Glow (1985)
Thee Fourgiven -- Lost In The Beat (1985)
The Mystery Machine -- She's Not Mine (1983)

Thee Fourgiven -- Anything

The Untold Fables -- Spit The Winkle