January 9, 2011

Modcast #187:Out of Sight

Welcome to Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World. This modcast is mod and then some, which means that you are definitely starting your year off right. Make a resolution right now to listen to every modcast this year. Beat's working out or cutting back on whiskey or whatever other silly ideas you have about making your life better.

So 2011 is upon us. 2010 is dusty, though the music is still bright and shining. And shining bright on last week's modcast was my list of top albums of the year which you can still dig up if you wanna. And, you know you wanna. Besides, it's currently my most recommended modcast of the year.

In the meantime you can dig on some old and some new with this modcast, which if I do say so myself, is out of sight!


Baby Lemonade -- Please Consider Us (1993)
Galileo 7 -- Never Go Back (2011)
The Game -- Gonna Get Me Someone (1966)
The Untouchables -- Dancebeat (1982)
Beggar -- Broadway Show (1979)
Thee Mighty Uptight -- Take Take Take (2002)
Mr. Day -- Tears Of Joy (2010)
The Crooks -- The Beat Goes On (1979)
The Moons -- Let It Go (2010)
The Mods -- Out Of Sight (1980)

Mr. Day -- Both Sides (live @ le Zebre Paris 2010)

The Men -- Leaving Fairview Park