June 27, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The V.I.P.s

The V.I.P.'s were a mod revival band that last a scant two years, 1978-80, during which time they produced a fistful of singles and opened for the likes of Madness, the Jam, and Secret Affair. The band had a pure mod sound blending a nice sixties R&B feel over the top of driving power chords. That was most of it, though there were a couple of more Stiff Little Fingers punk numbers such as "Who Knows". The song here, "Need Somebody to Love" was to be the band's breakthrough, but ended up falling short. They had previously flirted with chart success and it was expected to come with this track and when it didn't the band sort of fell apart with two members going on to form 80s mod psych rockers Mood Six.

The V.I.P.'s -- Lost in Time