June 20, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The Platforms

They look good and they sound better. Austin's The Platforms merge sixties punk with seventies glam and power pop to pound out some great garage rock. From their first CD Kicked Off there was no doubt that this was an all girl group out to kick some serious musical ass. Their sound was more sixties than their look, but their attitude was pure punk rock, evidenced by their first single, featured here, "Bang Me". Comparisons to other girl power groups like Detroit Cobras, Cocktail Slippers, and the Blackhearts are not unfounded.

The ladies have kept on honing their hard edged sound, softening the edges just enough to show they've matured, without losing their raw intensity. Their latest tracks are all over the place, which is a nice change. Some are bits of bluesy R&B with vocals and rhythms that bring back memories of Mary's Danish, while others are floorstomping garage rock numbers with a certain Knack like power pop quality.

The Platforms -- Bang Me