June 23, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The On/Offs

British mod combo The On/Offs produced a couple of hard-edged mod singles before going away. The bands was tight, and had a really nice recorded presence, not surprising when you learn that the members had years of experience in previous indie outings. Despite praise from Paul Weller and lots of media coverage, the band has dissolved and front man Danny Connors has moved on to a new project The Ladders (check out their contribution to The Jetset tribute album on modcast #126). The few songs they left behind are all very mod revival like and show a strong influence from '79 era Jam, Buzzcocks and so on. The song here, "This Town," was the band's debut single, and one of their finest. They released one other single, "Wrong Upstairs" that also featured sharp musicianship and songwriting.

The On/Offs -- This Town