June 11, 2021

Modcsat #483: All Things Star Collector

This week I was fortunate to connect with the lead singer of Vancouver, BC's Star Collector (Bandcamp, Facebook). It was a fun conversation about the band, his inspirations and what he's listening to currently. Star Collector's latest album, their first in about 15 years, is Game Day and it is a rip roaring power pop ride from start to finish. Highly recommended, as is anything from their four earlier LPs. You won't be disappointed.

Listen Now

Star Collector -- Morningstar (1999)
Star Collector -- Have You Seen Suzie (2001)
The Jam - -Start (1982)
Star Collector -- Game Day (2021)
Star Collector -- Funeral Party (2021)
Star Collector -- The Evil Room (2006)
Star Collector -- Overpass (2003)
The Dirty Sidewalks -- Rock and Roll (Save My Soul) (2018)

Vic's Picks -- what he's listening to lately

Jim Trainor -- Heaven Descending

Dirty Sidewalks - Hey Girl

Deadlights -- Breaking Down

Kevin Robertson -- Love's Blue Yonder

The Purrs -- Destroy the Sun

Dolph Cheney -- I Wanted You

RAF Mod Band -- Want You To Know

The Legal Matters -- Light Up The Sky

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