June 29, 2021

Modcast #485: Down With The Upstroke

Time to get down with the upstroke, the Jamaican R&B shuffle that is the foundation of ska music. Got lots of cool music for you this week with some new ska, some unlikely ska, some ska covers -- hey can't have a ska show without covers can you.

Listen Now

Buster Shuffle -- Sucker Punch Shuffle (2021)
Kim Wilde -- 26580 (1981)
Joe Jackson Band -- Pretty Boys (1980)
Blur -- Fade Away (1995)
The Meow Meows -- Down In The Tube Station At Midnight (2017)
Capitol 1212 -- Love Will Tear Us Apart (2018)
Alpha Boy School -- Boys Don't Cry (2003)

Bad Operation -- Kinda Together (2020)
Ranking Jr. feat. The Ordinary Boys -- Jump And Skank (2021)
Urban Blight -- Escape From Reality (1986)
The Targets -- Perfect Guy (1983)
Top Secret -- She's So Ugly (1980)
The Akrylykz -- Smart Boy (1980)
The Communicators -- Let It Go! (2019)

Alpha Boys School - The Roots of Reggae and Ska

Bonus Third Set

Boss [Boff] -- Rude Boys Are Back In Town

The Steady 45s -- Equal Rights

The Bandulus - Dear Lord

The Sensibles -- Nuclear Paradise

The Offspring -- What Happened To You

Kilburn & The High Roads -- Roadette Song

Dance Hall Crashers -- Lost Again

Klang - Beat It

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