October 21, 2019

Halloween is here and the treat bag is loaded with Modcasts!

Halloween is upon us!

Modcast #437: It's Later Than You Think (Halloween, 2019)

DJ Ken is back with his annual corn maze of music, this time around going old school, new school, and all cool. Do the trick or treat and enjoy yourself.

Ever year about this time DJ Ken hunkers down in his basement lacing his candy with some serious vinyl and carving his annual Halloween Modcast. Here's ELEVEN razorblade free bagfuls of halloween musical goodies! That's right 11 halloween modcasts hosted by DJ Ken from The Shingles.  Links below.

Modcast #107: Monsters A-Go-Go! (2008)

Modcast #144: Something Wicked This Way Comes (2009)

Modcast #181: Monsters Rule O.K. (2010)

Modcast #216: No Costume, No Candy (2011)

Modcast #249: Rest In Peace (2012)

Modcast #283: How Do the Dead Come Back? (2013)

Modcast #311: Death Is A Lonely Business (2014)

Modcast #341: Dig My Own Grave ( Halloween 2015)

Modcast #372: And When I Die (Halloween 2016)

Modcast #395: DJ Ken's 10th Annual Halloween Modcast #395: Back From The Dead (2017)

Modcast #417 Death Is Amongst Us (Halloween 2018)


the insurgent said...

Hi Mr. Suave, I really enjoy your Halloween podcasts! There are four of them that aren't available to download, I was checking to see if there was anyway to repost those four?

They are:

Modcast #144: Something Wicked This Way Comes (2009)
Modcast #283: How Do the Dead Come Back? (2013)
Modcast #311: Death Is A Lonely Business (2014)
Modcast #372: And When I Die (Halloween 2016)

I have created thirteen volumes of Halloween compilations called Rest In Pieces, if you have any interest. I'll leave a link for the first one for you, and if you are interested, I'll check here and point the way to the rest if you'd like.


Either way, thanks for what you have made available!

the insurgent

Mr. Suave said...

Thanks, glad you're enjoying them. Ken does a great job. These are mostly sorted now, just trying to get a copy of #283 to reup. Should ber ready later this week. Will check out your archive as well. cheers

the insurgent said...

Thanks, I appreciate it!

I've enjoyed your regular podcasts as well, but the Halloween ones were what brought me here originally.