October 28, 2012

Modcast #249: Rest in Peace

It's Halloween and that means that DJ Ken is at the helm for his annual festival of macabre music. Enjoy the madness.


Dickies - Killer Klowns From Outer Space (Killer Klowns from Outer Space, 1988)

Ramones - Chain Saw (Ramones, 1976)

Past Tense - Wolfman (You Got Your Punk in My Garage (VA), 2011)

Fuzztones - Happy Halloween (Monster A-Go-Go, 1994)

Like - Wishing He Was Dead (Release Me, 2010)

Stems - She's A Monster (The Great Rosebud Hoax, 1987)

3-D Invisibles - Midnight At The Wax Museum (Vampires A-Go Go, 2009)

Dynotones - Night of the Ghouls (Beach Party a Go-Go, 2005)

Ghastly Ones - (Everybody's Doin') The Ghastly Stomp (A-Haunting We Will Go-Go, 1998)

Briefs - Dead In The Suburbs (Singles Only, 2004)

Iggy Pop - Bang Bang (Party, 1981)

Robert Hazard - Escalator Of Life (Escalator of Life EP, 1981)

Tones on Tail - Lions (Single, 1984)

Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds - La Llarona (Dracula Boots, 2009)

Chris Isaak - Black Flowers (Speak of the Devil, 1998)

Chad Stuart And Jeremy Clyde - Rest In Peace (Of Cabbages and Kings, 1967)

Zombies - A Rose for Emily (Odessey & Oracle, 1968)

Wikies - Only A Child (Single, 2006)

Louis Prima - (I'll Be Glad When You're Dead) You Rascal You (Ultra-Lounge: Wild, Cool & Swingin', 1999 )

"The Loved One" Movie Trailer: