October 8, 2012

Modcast #246: The Chosen Few of '82

Welcome mods, I've set the wayback machine to jet us 30 years into the past. For your listening pleasure I present the chosen few of '82: some rather obscure, some more recognizable, but all of them worth hearing out. Almost all of these songs were released in '82, although there are a couple of late '81s in here, but you would have been listening to those in '82. [Originally broadcast in Oct. 2012]

Really this just scratches the surface of what was going on in music that year. There were albums out from The Clash, the Damned, the Beat, the Ramones, Oingo Boingo, Madness, Spandau Ballet, ABC and so many more. Michael Jackson released Thriller, and of course 1982 marked the end of The Jam with the release of one of their best albums, The Gift. Movies that year included Pink Floyd's The Wall, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, ET, Blade Runner and the legendary Richard Pryor Live on Sunset Strip. The Iron Lady was large and in charge and the Falklands War dominated international news. In the US gas was only $.90 cents a gallon, the USA Today published it's first newspaper, Magnum PI and Knight Rider were atop the TV ratings, and the first CD player rolled off a Japanese assembly line. And for those of us so inclined, and I was quite inclined, the hottest arcade games in 1982 included Joust, Dig Dug, and Donkey Kong Jr. Yup, 1982 was quite a year.

Listen Now

The Bangles -- Want You
Maurice & The Clich├ęs -- Softcore
Barbie & The Kens -- Just a Gigolo
The Headaches -- Teenage Sex
Killery Pussy -- Tomahawks
The Go-Go's -- Beatnik Beach
The Flirts -- Jukebox (Don't Put Another Dime)
Bonnie Hayes -- Girls Like Me
Josie Cotton -- So Close
Angel & The Reruns -- Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys?
The Prisoners -- Maybe I Was Wrong
Purple Hearts -- Plane Crash
Secret Affair -- Lost in the Night
The Lambrettas -- Nobody's Watching Me
Wall of Voodoo -- Mexican Radio

Purple Hearts -- My Life's A Jigsaw

The Bangles -- Real World