December 4, 2016

Modcast #375: Time Out In The Garage

It's time to get back out in the garage for some pounding, driving, hard rock-n-rolling. From yesteryear to this year here's a whole modcast packed with great garage rock.

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Fuzzy Vox -- Distracted (2016)
Echoes Of Carnaby Street -- Baby Doesn't Know (1966)
The Blues Magoos -- Pipe Dream (1967)
The Traits -- Nobody Loves The Hulk (1969)
Quik -- I Can't Sleep (1967)
Acid Drops -- She Laughed Out Loud (1987)
The Crawdaddys -- You're Gonna Need My Love Someday (1981)
The Lyres -- Busy Body (1984)
The Miracle Workers -- Flashing Red Light (1984)
Green Telescope -- Make Me Stay (1986)
The Shoutless -- I Tell No Lies (1984)
Kaz Mirblouk -- The Narrows (2016)
The Blind Owls -- Unwanted Men (2016)
The Regrettes -- Hot (2016)
The Pinheads -- Wildfire (2016)

Northern Soulshaker Cocktail

Cadillac - The Crawdaddys


Anonymous said...

Hi Rob - The podomatic download linking isn't working. Re-up?

Mr. Suave said...

Strange, I tested it because was having similar problems recently, but I was able to download it just fine on several tries from different accounts. Out of curiosity what browser are you using? I'll see what I can do, but not sure what the problem is at this point.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rob. I'm using Google Chrome. When you click the download button, it takes you to a skeleton page with category headings and sub-headings listed on the left margin. At the bottom of the page, you see a 'page not found' notification with a cute illustration. I was able to DL by selecting the music category/rock subcategory and typing Modcast 375 into the search bar.

Mr. Suave said...

Okay, I've updated the download link. Sorry for all the hassles. I've been experiencing a lot of technical glitches with my host Podomatic of late that I never used to have any problems with. That's why I've started cross-posting things at Mixcloud. No matter, this should fix the download issue, at least in Chrome. People are still reporting getting blank pages when trying to go to podomatic via IE.