October 5, 2016

Modcast #370: Cool New Sounds

From my lips to your ears, here are some of the best new tunes you're going to find collected all in one place. This week's show has all new music, all released (or to be released) in 2016, from power pop to garage rock. Get to listening!

Listen Now

French Boutik -- Hitch A Ride
Men of North Country -- One More Time
The Dahlmanns -- Play It (On Repeat)
The Fleshtones -- Too Many Memories
Castlecomer -- Escapism
Action Jets -- Big Dumb Show
The Speed of Sound -- Shut All The Clubs
The RPMs -- I Don't Like It
The Cheap Cassettes -- Wreckless
Death By Unga Bunga -- Fight!
The Privates -- Action woman
Dustaphonics -- You Don't Love Me Anymore
Beach Slang -- Hot Tramps
Dot Dash -- The Infinite

Northern Soulshaker Cocktail

French Boutik -- Pousse au Crime

Men of North Country -- Pandora

Death By Unga Bunga -- Tell Me Why

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