September 5, 2016

Modcast #367: On The Beat

I have been lazing around a lot lately, slacking if you will. It's summer, I've earned it. But, summers over and it's back to work pumping out modcasts. Break's over, everyone back on their heads if you will. So, I've pumped this one out for you with some cool classics, and some brand new stuff as well. Get yourself situated because this one is going to rock your socks off.

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Northern Soulshaker Cocktail

The Zags
-- Sick Stereo (2016)
Swingin' Medallions -- Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love) (1966)
Gary Lewis & The Playboys -- Everybody Loves A Clown (1966)
The Detroit Cobras -- Village of Love (2015)
Nancy Sinatra -- Baby, Please Don't Go (2004)
The Ace -- Man Out Of Time (2016)
Vista Blue -- When It Was Summer (2016)
The Perms -- Lose Yourself (2016)
The Do-Its -- If You Don't Love Me (Then Don't Love Me) (2016)
The Junipers -- Dig Me Up (2016)
Siberian Death Crash -- 4 Outta 4 (On The Risk Board) (2016)
Jools Holland's Orchestra feat. Mark Knopfler -- Mademoiselle Will Decide (2001)
The Handcuffs -- Dirty Glitter (2011)
The Strypes -- Status Update (2015)
Pretty Voices -- Lost Weekend (2010)
Death in Vegas feat. Paul Weller -- So You Say You Lost Your Baby (2002)

The Zags -- Tatoo

The Zags -- Replaced

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