February 5, 2016

Modcast #350: Bring It On!

Bring it on I can take it. Whatever you can dish out, I can eat it up. This week's show doesn't take no prisoners, and certainly don't take no shit. Whether it's brand new or classic, garage rock, psych rock or power pop, this is the modcast that's bringin' it all on. Hold on to your lids kids, it's gonna be a wild ride.

Listen Now

The Saucy Jacks -- Goin' Out Tonight (2016)
Action Jets -- Tarot Cards (2016)
Sha La La's -- Bring It Down On You (2015)
The Terraces -- The Hustler (2015)
The Harringtons -- On My Mind (2015)
Trambeat -- Breaking The Rules (2015)
The Originators -- A Little Supreme (2015)
Denis Lotis -- The Finger Points At You (195?)
The Mickey Finn Group -- Garden Of My Mind (1966)
The Birds -- Magic Words (1966)
The Living Eyes -- Stuck In My Own World (2013)
The Quick Beats -- Sorry (2014)
The Trypt Up -- Love's Gone Bad (2012)
Slade -- Wild Winds Are Blowing (1969)
The Whereabouts -- I Don't Care (2014)
Graham Coxon -- Freakin' Out (2004)

Sha La La's -- Soul Of The Nation