June 18, 2015

Modcast #331: Sweet Smell O' Success

Got a great lineup for you on this episode of the mod, mod world. Like a blast from the past one of the most primal garage rock combos of all time has just dropped a new album like a bomb and shaken up the whole garage rock world, The Sonics are back with all new music. More than that there's some brand new ska sounds, as well as a few old ska tracks, some great power pop, and the ubiquitous more. So crack open a cold one and get to listenin'.

Listen Now

The Sonics -- I Got Your Number (2015)
The Selecter -- Box Fresh (2015)
The Army -- Trendy (1981)
DB Cohen -- Rockahula (2013)
Jamie T -- Man Not A Monster (2009)
Ska City Rockers -- You Don't Know Like I Know (1980)
Heavyball -- Black Eye Friday (2014)
The Motion -- Run For Your Life (2014)
The Woody Peakers -- She's Going On (1988)
The Pooh Sticks -- Radio Ready (1990)
Young Ladies -- Without You (2014)
Muscle Souls -- Love My Baby's Love (2014)
The Hot Sprockets -- Soul Brother (2014)
Tim Rogers & The Bamboos -- S.U.C.C.E.S.S. (2015)
Edsilia Rombley -- Sweet Soul Music
Cloudberry Jam -- Growing Up In The 80s (2015)

Heavyball -- Smalltown Boy

Young Ladies -- Head Back Home

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