June 8, 2015

Modcast #330: Get Hip To The Good Bit

At long last I'm back with a new modcast, and it's better than ever. All new music for you this week from blistering R&B to soul scorchers. Don't be afraid to get hip to the good bit.

5FT Fez -- Watch Me Fall (2015)
The Inciters -- Just A Little More (2015)
The Mighty Sceptres -- Just Didn't Mean It (2015)
Paul Weller -- Phoenix (2015)
Black Noire -- Deadly Silence (2015)
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds -- Lock All The Doors (2015)
The Strypes -- Eighty-four (2015)
The Corner Laughers -- Fairytale Tourist (2015)
Courtney Barnett -- Elevtor Operator (2015)
FFS -- Piss Off (2015)
The Kubricks -- Ghosts (2015)
Tarzan Bros. -- Keep Us Alive (2014)
The Skints -- My War (2015)
Squire -- Eight Miles High (2015)

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The Kubricks - Self-Help Wannabe

The Skints - Rise Up


J├Ârgen and Aunchulee said...

Great Modcast as always!

Love The Skints, They remind me of Maroon Town very much!
Same style Ska/2tone blend with Toasting and elements of Hip Hop!

Cheers from Jorgen and Aunchulee!

Mr. Suave said...

Yeah, The Skints are pretty cool. Some similar ska influenced stuff coming up on the next show as well. Glad you're digging the modcast.