April 24, 2013

Modcast #265: Doin' The iMod Shuffle III

This is the modern world. So proclaimed The Jam back in 1977. But how much more modern is the world today, as it is complete with iPods and mp3 players and more portable music than you can shake a tailfeather at?

When I first got into the mod scene portable music was a cassette tape played on a three pound Walkmen. Cassettes typically held a dozen songs, maybe 18-20 if you made a Ramones mixtape. But that was the best you could do if you wanted your music to go mobile.

Well, this indeed is the modern world. Now I have an iPod that has upwards of 6,000 songs on it, a phone that has a couple thousand more, and a laptop with a digital catalog of just over 30,000 songs. And in this digital musical dream world I have become a slave to shuffle.

So this week I'm bringing back the iMod shuffle. The whole show was picked out by my iPod's shuffle. This installment of the iMod shuffle is the result of a recent trip to the dog park with Kali Shiva and Dick Gibson (she's a goddess, and he's a dick). Anyhow, this modcast mix really did come up in exactly this order. That's the only rule for the iMod shuffle, I play it as it came up on the iPod -- these exact songs in exactly this order, no substitutions.

Have fun Doin' the iMod Shuffle.

Listen Now

Jenny Dee & The Delinquents -- Let Me Go (2009)
Fitz & The Tantrums -- Moneygrabber (2010)
The Parties -- Kensington Avenue (2010)
Len Price 3 -- Jack In The Greens (2010)
Smashing Pumpkins -- 1979 (1997)
Erma Franklin -- Whispers (Getting Louder) (1968)
The Max Levine Ensemble -- Adventures In Petsitting (2011)
Secret Affair -- Three Wise Monkeys (1982)
The Saturday People -- The Castle (2001)
Just Brothers -- Sliced Tomatoes (1972)
Lavendar Diamond -- Open Your Heart (2007)
Jeremy Jay -- Just Dial My Number (2010)
Dig Dig Dig -- Our Money (1981)
Tomorrow's World -- Forgetting (1999)
Yard Trauma -- Little Girl (Who Left) 1984
Buzzcocks -- Real World (1978)

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The Max Levine Ensemble - Big Problems USA

The Len Price 3 -- Rentacrowd (Live)