April 17, 2013

Modcast #264: Waiting for Something to Happen

Modcast # 264 is so full of hot stuff it will be like sex for your ears. I've got new stuff from The Strypes, Rhonda, and Veronica Falls, as well as great stuff from The Dead 60s, The Charlatans UK, The Vice, Sky Saxon, and even Bill Cosby. So get yourself something to drink, get comfortable and let the music make love to your ears.

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Noise A Noise -- Get On With It (2004)
The Eddies -- Gonna Sing About This (2013)
The Strypes -- Monkey (2013)
The Vice -- Singing Around (2013)
Richard Groove Holmes feat. Brenda Jones -- This Is The Me Me (1976)
Rhonda -- Here We Go Again (2013)
The Solution -- Must Be Loving Coming Down (2004)
The Rooks -- Love Said To Me (1993)
The Rascals -- Bond Girl (2008)
The Dead 60's -- Control This (2005)
The Valkyrians -- Another Girl, Another Planet (2011)
The Yum Yums -- Walking Out On Love (2001)
Sky Sunlight Saxon & SS/20 -- Born To Be Wild (1984)
Veronica Falls -- Waiting For Something To Happen (2013)
The Charlatans UK -- Can't Get Out Of Bed (1994)
The Lodger -- The Back Of My Mind (2010)

Sky Saxon & Stardust Starlove -- I Wanna Be Your Dog live

Veronica Falls - Bad Feeling

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