February 26, 2013

Modcast #259: Too Fast For You

Slow down, you say? I'm moving too fast, you say? Hurry up and get on the good foot, I say to you. Got a great show lined up for all you kids to dig. Want some Brit-pop? You got it. Yearning for a bit of soul music? You got it. Mod? Powerpop? Check. Check. Yup, got that covered too. Speaking of being covered, I've even got some cool covers of classic songs. Might I suggest you get yourself some booze, sit back, relax, and just enjoy the ride.

Listen Now

The Specials -- International Jet Set (1980)
RAF -- Jennifer (Sits Alone) (2013)
The Sha La La's -- Get up on yourself (2011)
Likely Lads -- My Life (2012)
The Kooks -- She Moves In Her Own Way (2006)
Mr. Day -- Forgotten Realms (2012)
Schoolhouse Rock -- Verb, That's What's Happening (1974)
Monophonics -- All Together (2012)
Smash Mouth -- Every Word Means No (2005)
Radiators -- Try & Stop Me (1979)
The Wonder Stuff -- Blackberry Way (2011)
The Postelles -- Stella (2011)
Electra -- For The Record (2010)
Gentlemen Jesse -- I'm A Mess (2011)
The Church -- Too Fast For You (1981)

Mr. Day -- Heaven Knows