February 6, 2013

Modcast #258: Biff, Bang, Power Pop

Welcome to the mod world. The power pop mod world this week. Get your skinny ties on because I've got a full show of power pop for you with 17 great power pop tracks.

Listen Now

Kurt Baker Band -- Everybody Knows (2012)
The Young Veins -- Maybe I Will, Maybe I Won't (2010)
The Rattlers -- On The Beach (1980)
Innocents -- One Way Love (1980)
The Modesty -- Northern Soul (2010)
The Corsairs -- Here She Comes (1984)
Ministers of The Groove -- Getting Out Of Your Life (1985)
The News -- The Kids Are Dancing (1978)
The Gwen Stacys -- Miles Away (199?)
The Moberlys -- Tonight (198?)
The Madd -- You Treated Me Bad (2008)
The Invaders -- She's A Heartbreaker (1980)
The Go -- Instant Reaction (1980)
Rotjoch -- Too Many Weirdos (1981)
Len Price 3 -- The Girl Who Became A Machine (2010)
Little Murders -- After The Fire (1980)
The Fallouts -- Greed (1990)

The Corsairs -- What Am I (Live 1985)

1 comment:

Charles Krutzen said...

I like this modcast! Really like it! The power, the mod feel (though not everything is particularly mod), the uptempo, the atmosphere.

Charles Krutzen from the Netherlands