May 22, 2012

Modcast #233: Stuck in the Sixties

The sound of the sixites is addictive and the primary reason I got into the mod scene in the 80s. Then sixtiesque bands were either mod groups blending soul and power pop or garage rock revival groups pounding out the primeval sound of sixties garage rock. For as long as I can remember I've been stuck on that sound, and so stuck in the sixties. So, this week I've a got a full dozen bands all doing their best to emulate the great sounds of the sixties from the original garage punk bands like The Standells, The Sonics, The Seeds, The Yardbirs, Love, The Creation and many more. If you dig the sixties sound you'll wanna stick around for the whole show.

Listen Now

The Launderettes -- Porn Star (2002)
Thee Vicars -- Hauser and O'Brian (2012)
60 Second Swingers -- 60 Second Swinger (2012)
Monsters From Mars -- Punchbowl on a Plane (2012)
The Onlookers -- Mystic Surrounds Me (198?)
The Forty-Fives -- Drinkin' With No. 3 (1999)
The Affected Four -- So Near So Far (2012)
The Movements -- You're Alone (2011)
The Surfadelics -- Bad LIttle Girl (1986)
The Addiction -- Obnoxious Girls (1985)
The Flips -- Baby (It's Gonna Be Alright) (2009)
Jack White -- I'm Shakin' (2012)

THEE VICARS Back On The Streets

The Onlookers - You and I