April 21, 2012

Truly, I'm Working My Way Back To You

That's right, I'm working my way back to you with a burning love inside. Pneumonia. Thank the gods for antibiotics. Hoping to be back up to full speed soon. Until then, below is a link to the latest From The Vaults.

Modcast #37: Summer Songs to Blow Away the Big Chill

Listen Now Download Welcome to Mr. Suave's Cold Cold World. The big chill came to Seattle this week dropping about five inches of snow and temperatures to a downright inhospitable 18 degrees farhenheit this week. And, to make matters worse my electric furnace decided to implode leaving me with a freezing cold house and a deep desire for summer to come blowing in. But, since summer --at least in our hemisphere here-- is still months away, I'm going to try and heat things up with some summer type songs.
  • Pizzicato Five -- Sweet Soul Revue
  • The Parade -- Sunshine Girl
  • The Love Generation -- Groovy Summertime
  • Randy Winburn -- Sunshine USA
  • The Orange Peels -- Long Cold Summer
  • Swing Out Sister -- When the Laughter is Over
  • Wondermints -- Shine On Me
  • Nuyorican Soul -- I am the Black Gold of the Sun
  • Corduroy -- Breakfast in Love
  • Love Jones -- Bacchus Girl
  • Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 -- Look of Love
Bonus Video I: Sergio Mendes joins forces with the Black Eyes Peas to produce and new and hip-hoppier version of the classic Mas Que Nada.