March 6, 2012

Modcast #224: Movers & Groovers

It's another modcast alright. More movers. More groovers. Some shakers. All righteous. It's epic.

Listen Now

The Goldstars -- Agile, Mobile & Hostile
The Theme - The First Time I Saw You
The Mods -- King and Country
Pop Quiz -- Moves and Grooves
Derriere -- Battle Plan
Mother Earth -- Very Together
Brand New Sinclairs -- I Was
The Urges -- Psych Ward
This Is Ivy League -- London Bridges
The Very Most -- The Title
The Mob -- Give It To Me

Brand New Sinclairs -- Heal My Soul


hollywood bistro said...

Their music is definitely good. I wanna have the whole album.

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

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