March 29, 2012

Cool interview with artist Shag at Modculture

Over at Modculture they have a great interview up with Shag aka JoSH AGle, one of my favorite pop culture artists.
Any thoughts of doing more “retro London”? Maybe something “Blow Up”? David Hemmings would be flattered! Thinking about it, did “3 Black Crows” cover that ground? Then maybe go for a “mod” theme…we’d all buy the prints!

Retro London is a recurring theme. “Blow Up” is one of my absolute favorite films and it definitely inspired “3 Black Crows”. I stayed away from the subject for a while because it was so identified with “Austin Powers” in most people’s minds but I am planning more “Swinging London” themes in the future.
You'll wanna read the whole thing, and then you'll probably want to break out the exotica vinyl.

I thought this was interesting too:
Why the animals? Wolves & apes seem to appear quite regularly!

I started using animals as a way to tell people that I wasn’t painting the “real” world…I didn’t want people to look at the work and think it was a depiction of actual life. Many of the animals represent personality types: the wolf is a “suave womanizer”, and the bull represents that part of being a male which is totally subjugated by the opposite sex.
Funny story. When I was in high school a few of the mods I was hanging out with came up with Indian themed nick names, a few associated with scooters like Rolling Thunder and Rumbling Bull. Mine was for my tendency toward a certain style of vintage shirts, I was Paisley Wolf. Suave womanizer indeed.