August 7, 2011

From the Vaults: Modcasts #86 & #122

Once more into the vault my friends, once more into the vault. Step back in time, to a time when the modcast was young and fresh. Take a giant step outside your current listening constraints and journey with me back in time. I've opened up the vaults and dusted off two classic modcasts that I think you'll enjoy. Again.

Modcast #86: Take a Tip From a Tip Top Mod
Welcome to Mr. Suave’s Mod Mod World, episode #86 in which we have a few interesting connections. Opening act Elton Motello frontman Alan Ward had once been in another band with future Damned member Bryan James, so maybe it’s no surprise that both bands produced great punk rock. Another connection made in the show is between more 70s Brit punks, this time the move from Chelsea to Generation X. Lots of pitch perfect power pop in this week’s show up from the likes of Martha & the Muffins, Clive Culbertson, The Briliant Corners, Fast Eddie and more. And if you head on over to the modcast homepage you can check out this week’s bonus video from Beulah. Thanks for listening.

Listen Now

  • Elton Motello – Get The Guy
  • Sit N’Spin – I’m Sick
  • The Untold Fables – I Try
  • The Aromatics – Maureen
  • The Brilliant Corners – Friday Saturday Sunday Monday
  • Beulah – Silver Lining
  • Headlights – Catch Them All
  • Martha & The Muffins – Hide and Seek
  • Clive Culbertson – Time to Kill
  • Chelsea – Urban Kids
  • Fast Eddie – Help Me
Bonus Video Beulah -- Landslide

Modcast #122: Watch. This. Now.
Welcome to modcast #122 and welcome to the Moscow Underground a brand new London mod band on this week's show. They've got a really cool, really heavy mod sound, as does the rest of the show. There's more new stuff as well from Supernova, Morrissey, and the Takeover UK, some garage rock from Los Immediatos and Magic Christian, as well as some Britpop from the likes of Blur and Sleeper.

Los Immediatos - Ella

Blur -- Charmless Man