July 12, 2011

Mr. Suave's Reviews You Can Use - Acid House Kings

Mr. Suave's Reviews You Can Use -- Acid House Kings by mistersuave

Witty lyrics, catchy hooks of pop music with lilting horns and vocals, the music sounds like a barefoot hippy running over an overgrown forest lawn. If the Free Design were reincarnated today they would be the Acid House Kings.

Swirling, tinkling, sparkling, how do you say that in Swedish? Acid House Kings. The Swedish twee band is back and their latest release, Music Sounds Better With You, shimmers with a sugary pop sound that is all too familiar for the band's fans. For twenty years Acid House Kings has defined twee music, they've become synonymous with the lilting, high-voiced indie pop sound.

Lots of bands have plied similar tweepop waters over the years from Birdie to Camera Obscura to She & Him just this year. But none of them do it with the grace and ease of the Acid House Kings. Music Sounds Better With You is chock full of jaunty pop songs that sound like were thrown effortlessly together in a very Bacharach-Morrisey kind of way.

This is music that is perfect for sipping gins and tonics on the patio while chatting with old friends. Music Sounds Better With You fits like a pair of favorite jeans, comfortable and stylish, at times casually unremarkable and yet completely unforgettable when noticed.