February 13, 2011

Modcast #190: The Britpop Launching Pad

Rising out of the mod, twee, power pop and C-86 scenes of the 80s came a guitar driven alternative rock in the UK. It was partly as a response to the hordes of flannel wearing grungesters and the burgeoning gangsta rap scene of the day. 


This alt rock movement was based outside of London, primarily in Manchester, and had it's own roots in the British invasion bands of the 60s as well as psychadelic rock of the 60s/70s and the post-punk and new wave movements of the 80s.

The bands on this modcast provided the launching pad for the mod influenced, British reinvasion that came to be called Britpop -- featured on the next Modcast #191: Mod Essentials III - The Britpop Invasion.

The Charlatans UK -- The Only One I Know (1990)
Darling Buds -- Shame On You (1988)
The Mighty Lemon Drops -- Inside Out (1988)
The Wonder Stuff -- Unbearable (1988)
The Soup Dragons -- No More Understanding (1991)
5:30 -- Abstain (1990)
The Haywains -- Bye Bye Boyfriend (1993)
Paul Weller -- Bitterness Rising (1992)
These Animal Men -- Who's The Daddy Now (1994)
S*M*A*S*H -- Bang Bang Bang (1994)
Ride -- From Time To Time (1994)

The Darling Buds -- Hit The Ground (plus interview)

The Mighty Lemon Drops -- Into The Heart Of Love