May 4, 2009

Mod-A-Day: Translator

Sorry for the late post today, but here it is at last. Not a mod band or mod song really, but some post-punk new wave from San Francisco 80's band Translator. They're best known for the song here, "Everywhere That I'm Not", but they did some other good stuff as well. Influenced by sixties merseybeat and the Beattles, they had some good guitar pop tunes like "Come With Me" and "Stony Gates of Time". But, they also incorporated a lot of power pop and post punk influences such as Talking Heads and The Pretenders to turn out some sharper new wave songs like "When I Am With You" and "Favorite Drug." Still, "Everywhere That I'm Not" is just such a great song that it's easy to see why some of the rest isn't much remembered these days.

Translator -- Everywhere That I'm Not