May 16, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The Slickee Boys

Washington DC has produced some pretty damn good groups over the years from Bad Brains to Modest Proposal. Early on though there was The Slickee Boys who produced their first full-length LP in 1977 and continue to reunite annually for New Year Eve shows. Their highwater mark was their sophmore release, Here To Stay, in 1982. It was an eclectic album, just like the band. There was the psychadelic freakbeat of "Porcelain Butter Kittens", the spiky power pop of "Forbidden Love", the garage rock of "Glendora", and the song here, "Girls Want To Be With The Girls", a decidedly 80s bit of new wave that has an organ riff that brings The Doors to mind. The band went on to more fame the next year riding a wave popularity thanks to one of the first DIY videos ever featured on the then young and fresh MTV, When I Go To The Beach.

The Slickee Boys -- Girls Want To Be With The Girls